It’s a Miracle

I created this website with two goals in mind.

  1. To remind us that good things…Miracles…happen everyday. They exist all around us. We may lose site of this because the news is almost always negative …all about the problems and bad things going on in the world. We need to focus on the good things happening in the world. That is what I intend to do here.
  2. To remind us that we can create our own Miracles. Our thoughts and actions create a vibration that can bring good into our world.

Miracles Occur Everyday

It doesn’t make sense to me that miracles only happened thousands or millions of years ago. Certainly the forces that were in play then are still here today. God didn’t just disappear. We just have to open our eyes and reframe the events that are happening around us. Is it a miracle when a child is cured of a deadly disease for no apparent reason? Yes, of course. Is it a miracle when flowers bloom and birds sing season after season? Indeed it is.

We can find many more miracles happening throughout our day just by being more observant to our surroundings …and by being GRATEFUL for the things and people in our life.

  • Waking each morning after a nights rest
  • Having food on our table each day that nourishes and keeps us healthy
  • New friendships that are encouraging and loving
  • Technology that helps us create these websites. to share and educate

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