Meet Debbie

Debbie Rose

Hi..I’m Debbie and I’m so glad you found me. The Internet is a vast and varied place, so it’s no accident that you came to my site. I don’t believe in coincidences.  Thank you for being here.

I started this site because I wanted to share positive, empowering news.  Information that uplifts us to make our lives better.  Being aware of the miracles all around us is certainly a way to accomplish that.  And yes, I believe miracles happen every day.  They aren’t regulated to hundred and thousand year old biblical tales where God intervened and made everything perfect.  Does God still intervene …of course….everyday in countless ways.  In large, unexplainable events and small, unnoticed outcomes.  We just have to refocus our attention to them instead of all the negative news we hear and see in the media today.